Introducing Staff User Management

As a collaborative software platform, Dispatchur empowers members of transit organizations to work together to provide a great customer experience. This introduces the need to ensure the right users have access to relevant information and can take appropriate actions within the software.
With Dispatchur’s staff user management capabilities, service owners now have the ability to issue logins with privileges suitable to each member’s role within the organization. To create a staff login, select “Staff” from the left navigation. Then select “Add Staff User” to the right.
Begin by entering the email address of your staff member. If your staff member is already a Dispatchur user, you will be granting his login staff access to your service; otherwise, a new login will be created.  To control what actions your staff member is allowed to take, simply select the roles–you can choose more than one–matching those your staff member performs within your organization.
Here are the privileges associated with each role:
  • Dispatcher: manages transport schedule and riders; can view (but not manage) other staff users
  • Driver: views transport schedule and can record missed rides as necessary; can view (but not manage) riders and their individual rides
  • Rider administrator: manages riders and can view their rides
As your staffs’ responsibilities evolve—for example, when your top driver transitions to dispatcher—it only takes a few clicks to adjust their privileges. Simply locate your staff member in the staff list and select “View”.
Select “Edit” from the staff profile page.
Select or deselect roles as necessary, making sure to have at least one role enabled. When you’re done, select “Update staff user”.
We’re excited to see this update enable effortless collaboration in your organization, so please let us know what you think and how else we can make Dispatchur work better for your team!

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