Ding Ding: Web Notifications!

Notifications screenshot 1
We imagined Dispatchur from the very beginning as a software platform that gives transit organizations real-time insight into their operations and riders up-to-date information on their transportation. This requires that we be able to push events from our servers as they happen to the appropriate users’ devices.
Today, we take a big step toward that vision by enabling web notifications.
Notifications screenshot 2
With Dispatchur open in your browser and your device online, you will be notified of the following events the instant they occur:
If any of these events happen while you’re offline, we will save them and deliver them to you the next time you visit Dispatchur. If you’re signed in via more than one device, we will deliver your notifications to each device but keep them in sync so you only have to read each notification once.
While we are pushing just a handful of event types to start, we will be adding more to round out Dispatchur into the real-time platform it’s designed to be. Stay tuned for new notifications to keep dispatchers apprised of drivers’ progress in the field and riders informed of any changes made to their transportation.

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